Hair Loss Treatment in Muswell Hill

Are you suffering from hair loss? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Hair loss affects 50% of men by their 50s, some as early as their 20s. Dukes Pharmacy in Muswell Hill offers Online Doctor service for hair loss treatment. You can also get in touch on 020 8883 9072 to discuss your options. The Pharmacy offers Finasteride or Propecia as prescription-only treatments to prevent and, in some cases, reverse hair loss.

Hair loss Blog Post

In this blog post, we look at the causes of hair loss, symptoms and hair loss treatments.

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss affects three in every ten men aged between 30 and 40, at least five in every ten men over 50, and seven in every ten men over 60. There are different types of hair loss, but the most common ones are male pattern baldness and balding. Roughly 10 million men in the United Kingdom live with male pattern hair loss
Male pattern hair loss is normally genetic. This genetic condition appears in men who are hypersensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a hormone found close to the scalp.
Their hair follicles shrink and stop producing hair. Whilst it is not currently possible to reverse a man’s genetic hypersensitivity to DHT, Propecia blocks the production of the enzyme that makes testosterone into DHT. This, in turn, reduces the level of DHT in the body and hence, hair growth becomes normal.
Other types of hair loss may be temporary. They can be caused by:

Hair loss Treatment

There are a number of treatment options available

Hair loss tablets

The most well known treatment for male pattern baldness in the UK is Propecia (finasteride). Finasteride is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. It lowers the hormone levels in the scalp which brings about a shorter hair growth phase. This treatment is only available in one strength of 1mg. You get this treatment in Muswell Hill through Dukes Pharmacy’s Online Doctor service.

Minoxidil (Regaine)

Another well established treatment option is minoxidil (Regaine). It is a pharmacy only (P) drug used in both male and females. The response to Regaine is hard to predict as results vary between individuals. It is available in multiple forms and strengths. Again you can get this from Dukes Pharmacy’s Online Doctor service.

Other hair loss treatments

Steroid injection:

Injections given into bald patches

Hair transplant

hair cells are moved to thinning patches

Light treatment

Shining ultraviolet light on bald patches

Steroid creams

Cream applied to bald patches


Chemical applied to bald patches

For more information, please look at NHS website link.

If hair loss is caused by an underlying condition such as a nutritional imbalance or stress, it may resolve once you get treated for the underlying condition.

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